Morning Breath: The Shocking Truth

Morning breath is gross, isn’t it?

Everyone gets it, but some of us have a more… pronounced version (for lack of a polite description) than others.

It’s embarrassing, unpleasant and you’d really rather live without it.

A lot of my patients complain to me about morning breath. They insist that they cannot seem to get rid of it even though they had brushed well the night before.

Some of my patients even seem more concerned about this common problem, than other major problems they might be having in their teeth.

So what can you do about it? To find out, we need to take a look at the cause.

The Cause Bacteria overgrowth due to less saliva.
The Cure There is no cure, but you can reduce it, even significantly.

Minimize Morning Breath

If you want to cut morning breath, be meticulous about cleaning and flossing your teeth.

  • Brushing in the proper way is as important as the toothbrush you choose. Use a medium-soft toothbrush and use the Modified Bass technique of Brushing. Sensodyne manufactures awesome toothbrushes that are effective, and yet are gentle on your mouth parts.

  • Flossing is a good way to keep plaque and tartar buildup at bay. Oral-B, Colgate etc manufacture good dental flosses that help clean areas between your teeth that normal tooth brushing may miss out.

  • Use of a good mouth rinse like Colgate Plax is another good way, though it works as an add-on to your mechanical method of brushing and flossing. Other good mouth rinses include Listerine, and various other brands that are readily available in the market. Feel free to ask your dentist about the mouth rinse that is best for you.

  • The majority of people also produce enough plaque and tartar build up in six months that it needs to be removed. So, regular scaling and cleaning by your dental hygienist also reduces the number of bacteria that builds up on your teeth.

If you’re concerned about morning breath, discuss it with your dentist at your next appointment. While you can’t prevent it entirely, you may be able to cut it.